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Request Health Worker Safety Products

Our Health Worker Safety Pilot Project aims to improve access to critical medical products and training resources. Please complete the following form to determine if you are eligible to receive donated rapid diagnostic tests and safety-engineered devices.

Have you assessed the health worker safety needs of your local partner facility?
Can provide training on their use in addition to your patient care responsibilities.
How much time during your trip are you able to allocate to training?
Are you willing to administer pre- and post-tests?

Administering this test is part of the expected team training for this initiative. The test is based on the WHO Updated Guidelines for Injection Safety, which you must use for training when receiving products. The test is provided on the confirmation page after submitting this form and can also be accessed here: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/3372803/HWS-Pre-Post-Test

Can you provide an in-country contact at your local partner facility that will be accepting responsibility for the products and receiving training?
You will be required to submit a post-trip survey for these products in addition to your trip report. Will you also provide feedback in the future on how to most effectively implement this initiative?
How often do you or does your organization visit your local partner facility? Please Select One.
How long have you or your organization been partnering with this facility? Please select one.

Photographs from the field play a key role in Americares work. They help us make a compelling case to donors who contribute medical products and funding.

We ask that you take Americares photo release forms with you on your trip and ask patients to sign a release form acknowledging their consent. When photographing pediatric patients, a parent or legal guardian must sign on behalf of the child.

Click here to Download

Tip: Upload your photo releases as a pdf or .jpeg along with your photos when completing your post trip field report