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Safe Surgery Initiative Request Form

Our Safe Surgery Initiative aims to improve access to safe surgery in low-resource settings using volunteer surgery teams like yours to place Lifebox pulse oximeters and to train health care workers on their use for perioperative patient monitoring.

You will be eligible to receive donated units and probes to be left with your in-country partner, if you:


Have you assessed oximetry needs in the OR and recovery area of your partner facility?
Can provide training on their use in addition to your patient care responsibilities.
Can provide an in-country contact at the facility accepting responsibility for the units.
Will provide feedback in the future on how to most effectively implement this initiative.
Lifebox, the pulse oximeter manufacturer, is making an ongoing effort to improve their training materials. Please click on the AGREE button if you consent to allow Americares to share your contact information with Lifebox so that they can contact you for feedback related to the oximeter training materials.

As part of the Safe Surgery Initiative, Americares will be contacting the in-country contact regarding the use of the oximeters and Lifebox may reach out to them to follow up on the devices as well.

By selecting the "Submit" button, you are confirming that you have reached out to the in-country recipient and have their permission to share their contact information to both Americares and Lifebox.

Thank you. We are grateful for your cooperation and excited about working with you.

Photographs from the field play a key role in Americares work. They help us make a compelling case to donors who contribute medical products and funding.

We ask that you take Americares photo release forms with you on your trip and ask patients to sign a release form acknowledging their consent. When photographing pediatric patients, a parent or legal guardian must sign on behalf of the child.

Click here to Download

Tip: Upload your photo releases as a pdf or .jpeg along with your photos when completing your post trip field report



Medical Outreach provides volunteers with an opportunity to work first hand with global communities as well as medications and supplies prior to the trip abroad.

“Our most challenging patient on this mission was a 13 year old boy with severe idiopathic scoliosis. Unable to adequately assess pulmonary function tests due to patient’s inability to understand and cooperate with the test. He was deaf and had syndromic facies. Procedure was a T2 to L3 fusion. TIVA anesthesia was vital to proper intraoperative monitoring. We were very concerned if we would be able to extubate him after the procedure and the increased blood loss and replacement. Happily, he was stable, extubated after an hour in the PACU. Continuous pulse oximetry was key in the immediate post op period and our ability to extubate knowing he would be well monitored.

Having the Lifebox pulse oximetry allowed us to always have continuous pulse oximetry while in the OR, have a dedicated pulse oximeter for the PACU patient when we had 2 in the PACU at the same time. It also allowed us to do proper preoperative assessments with O2 sat. Both oximeters were donated to the two full time anesthesiologists for future use."

- Denise DiGioia, CRNA, Butterfly Foundation

“All FIVE pulse oximeters were a hit!!  The nurses gravitated to using them over the three old ones we had and I want to thank you and Americares for changing the face of our PACU care in Kenya!!!”

- Elizabeth Studley, CRNA, Kenya Relief

"I have returned from my six week trip to the two hospitals in Togo. They were both delighted to receive the Lifebox pulse oximeters. I have attached a picture of some of the Togolese nurses being taught the proper use by myself. Thank you for providing the pulse oximeters."

- Dr. Edward Fitzgerald, Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE)

“The largest impact came from the pulse oximeters. There were none in the operating room or recovery areas of the hospital. We were able to provide one for use by our nurse anesthetist who instructed the staff on its use. They were thrilled to have the instrument. We were able to use the other one in the endoscopy area of the hospital where our gastroenterologist did 66 endoscopies. There were no pulse oximeters available before the ones donated by Americares were brought to endoscopy.

The availability of pulse oximeters greatly enhanced the patient safety at the hospital and provided assurance to our staff that they were operating within safety limits during surgical procedures and endoscopies.”

- Dr. Thomas Kennedy, New Orleans Medical Mission Services (NOMMS)

"All five Lifebox pulse oximeter donations were put to use in the operating rooms, recovery room, maternity ward, and eye clinic. These devices made an immediate impact on patient care and patient safety. In addition, training of local health care providers on the use of pulse oximetry was accomplished.

One of our pediatric surgery patients had an unexpected difficult airway upon intubation. Because of the Lifebox pulse oximeter, we were able to monitor her oxygen saturations appropriately as we managed her difficult airway. Another patient in the recovery room was being monitored via the Lifebox device. The patient's saturations dropped unexpectedly and we were called to evaluate. The therapy was a pretty quick fix, but without the warning, the event could have become much worse resulting in significant patient morbidity or mortality."

- Dr. Jeffrey Lane, Christian and Missionary Alliance