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Medical Outreach Exchadnge Blog Submission Guidelines

The Medical Outreach Exchange blog is open to all and is intended to be a platform for collaboration and information sharing among medical volunteers and the organizations that support them. The Exchange promotes best practices for medical volunteers and provides resources for improving their impact. Please review the following guidelines carefully. All blog posts submitted will be reviewed for approval.


  • Individual posts should include between 600-800 words.
  • Posts should consist of concise highlights of lessons learned that will help inform and improve the work of others.
  • Posts should not be promotional but rather demonstrate how a resource or experience can increase impact.
  • Incorporate a compelling and accessible lead to maximize number of readers.
  • Support your message with evidence and examples.
  • Posts must include a title, photo (see requirements below), a 1-2 sentence bio, name, professional title, organization, email contact, and a link to relevant work is optional.
  • Photos must be hi-resolution, ideally close to 1600 megapixels wide, horizontal, and related to the topic (no headshots, please). You must have permission to use the photo in your post.

Submit your blog post via the site form by clicking on Inquiry and choosing “Submit a blog post.” This sends it to the editor to review.

After your blog is posted, please respond to comments on the site and share it on social media.

Remember your audience.