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Medical Outreach Best Practices

Bring quality care to more people and strengthen the institutions that serve them.

Each year Americares supports more than 1,000 teams of volunteer medical professionals traveling abroad to provide services to communities in over 80 countries where access to care and medicines is limited or nonexistent. We seek to enhance the collective impact of medical outreach teams by improving how volunteer professionals conduct their trips, and how they share knowledge to increase local capabilities and capacity. Americares, with the support of the Godley Family Foundation, has conducted research to develop a framework for best practices in medical outreach to encourage collaboration and lasting impact. The goal of this initiative is to improve health outcomes by increasing teams’ ability to address long-term community health through sustainable partnerships.

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Implementation Manual for WHO Surgical Safety Checklist

Safe surgery helps save lives, relieves disability, and prevents death from neglected common conditions. The WHO Surgical Safety Checklist helps improve the safety of surgery and avoid potentially preventable surgical complications. 

Americares is committed to advancing safe surgical and anesthesia care. Through our Safe Surgery Initiative, we aim to improve access to safer surgery in low-resource settings by increasing the number of operating room staff that have access to and are trained in the use of pulse oximetry and the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist.