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Trip Resources

Prepare for your trip – Find opportunities – Teach and train more effectively – Assess impact – Learn about best practices.

Preparing for Your Trip

Use these resources to find a team. Review pre-trip and travel guidelines that cover health, culture and security issues with country-specific information. Conduct research on the country you will be visiting in advance of your departure. Find organizations with opportunities to volunteer, build teams or place specialists within teams. Review travel advisories, country profiles, visa and immunization requirements and disease risks.


    Building In-country Partnerships

    Find resources to create strong, mutually beneficial partnerships to achieve desired health outcomes. Collaboration and participation empowers local health care providers. Find guidelines for sustainable partnerships, public-private collaboration as well as ethical considerations for medical outreach practices. Locate in-country partners and find resources for capacity-building.


      Teaching and Training

      Materials cover hygiene, infectious diseases, pre-natal and maternal health, malnutrition prevention and treatment, chronic disease prevention and treatment, sex education and family planning, surgical care and anesthesia, and wound and burn care. Links are provided in languages other than English, where available.


        Assessing the Impact of Your Work

        A thoughtful evaluation will help you understand progress against goals, document program impact and provide evidence to guide program design and implementation. Monitoring and evaluating health outcomes over time will inform future outreach and partnership priorities. Resources include information on implementing careful record keeping, feedback mechanisms and reporting for ongoing quality improvements.


          Responding to Emergencies

          Working in a disaster zone or responding to emergencies requires special considerations for a medical outreach team. This section includes general guidelines for humanitarian response in emergencies as well as tools and resources with information on current emergencies. Information covers specific health and security concerns as well as issues such as water, sanitation, migrant health and mental health.


            Other Valuable Resources

            Additional resources for medicine and medical supplies donation sources, medical technology, related organizations, books and further opportunities related to global health are provided here. Find information about new products and tools available and the ways in which organizations are using them in their medical outreach work. We are eager to hear your feedback on these and suggestions for additions.


              Best Practices in Medical Outreach

              Americares is committed to supporting best practices for medical outreach to bring quality care to more people and strengthen the institutions that serve them. We seek to improve health outcomes by increasing teams’ ability to address long-term community health through sustainable partnerships. Learn more about this initiative.


                Active Emergency Responses

                Find resources and situation updates here along with information specific to medical outreach. Resources include general guidelines for humanitarian response in emergencies as well as tools with information on current emergencies. Access information provided by US and international sources, such as the CDC, NIH and WHO and learn how you can help.