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According to the World Journal of Surgery, lack of access to essential medical and surgical instruments is one factor leading to a post-operative infection rate of up to 45% in some low-resource countries. By expanding our Safe Surgery product offer, we hope to improve patient outcomes by addressing the lack of adequate instrumentation in low resource settings.

Contents of Basic Surgical Instrument Sets

Updated 5/2022

1Yankauer Suction Tube Economy SS 27cm/10.5”
1Scalpel Handle No. 3 Graduated Scale
1Operating Scss Sharp/Blunt Str 14.5cm/5.5”
1Mayo Scss Cvd 14.5cm/5.5”
1Mayo-Stille Scss Cvd 17cm/6.75″
1Metzenbaum Scss Cvd 18cm/7”
1Dressing Forceps 14.5cm/5.5”
4Halsted Mosq Fcps Str 12.5cm/4.75”
4Halsted Mosq Fcps Cvd 12cm/4.75”
4Kelly Fcps Cvd 14cm 5.5”
6Backhaus Towel Clamp 9cm/3.5”
1Fletcher Sponge Fcps Narrow Serr Str 25cm/9.5”
2Senn-Miller Retractor Sharp 17cm/6.75”
2Volkmann Retractor Blunt 3 Tooth 21.5cm/8.5”
1Probe Buttoned w/ Eye 41.5cm/5.5″ Eye D. 2mm 14.5cm/5.5”
1Grooved Director Probe End 14.5cm/5.5”
1Crile-Wood Needle Holder 15cm/6”
1Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 15cm/6”
1Mayo Hegar Needle Holder 18cm/7”
1Frazier Suction Tube 19cm 30 9 Fr.
2Schnidt Tonsil Forceps Cvd Open 19cm/7.5”
2Allis Tissue Forceps 4.5T 15cm/6”
Container of Surgical Instruments, forceps and others.