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Missions International of America

Founded in 2001

Our mission is to help one community, the Savanette (1500 people) by providing a school (K-6), water (200 foot well on solar putting out 35 gallons per minute of potable water), Medical Clinic (we have a full time auxiliary seeing patients in a three room clinic and are currently building a sterile surgical suite), jobs (125 local paid employees) and finally building a Farm Resource Center to provide affordable residential agricultural training in modern farm techniques as taught at ECHO in Fort Myers.

Organization Type

Medical Focus

  • Primary Care

Focus Areas

  • Health Systems Infrastructure Development

Typical Number of Trips Per Year


Does your organization have experience responding to humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters?


Contact Details

Contact Name: Jay Nielsen, MD

Role/Title/Position: President


Telephone: (419) 872-0180


103 Wentworth Court, Perrysburg, OH 43551, US
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